My Sunshine

I will always remember the afternoon we met. When this little grayish fellow, fell on my Porch injured. The Eyes of this gentle sparrow crammed with tears. It snuffled and quivered as I tried to take a closer look. The feathers made a rustling sound as it made all efforts to fly. This lovely Birdie was afraid of me (I wish I could explain it!). But, after a brief interlude of struggle I managed to put it in a secure place. As I dressed its wounds, I felt the pain it went through. I detected that it suffered from a grave leg injury. 'Sunshine', I thought was the name that could give it a new life! For the first few days sunshine repudiated to eat anything I served. It became pale day by day. On the advice of a vet I gave it some water soluble medicines. Their intake led to its fast recovery. I was elated. Gradually, we became really good friends. I learnt birds have a unique way of communicating. I enjoyed every minute I spent with it. It’s feeding and cleaning took precedence over everything! My little sunshine was growing and turning healthy. I could see its new feathers. Now, the leg was also in a perfect shape and gave it all the freedom to walk and run here & there. One evening after I returned home, sunshine was nowhere to be found. Unnerved, I rushed to the backyard, the porch, garden, and terrace. I searched every corner of the house. 5 minutes later I realized my friend left me forever. I saw a cat running away. My sunshine, clutched within the black devils jaws, was quiet. Why? It died too soon. I stood there like a feeble unfortunate friend. It was hard to believe it left me for ever. I so much missed its twittering sound and naughtiness. I picked up its feathers that it had left behind for me as its only memory. Till today, when I miss her I often sing this song, (believing that it’s always with me...listening to my voice):"My little miss sunshine, I miss youMy love is always with you, wherever you are.....La, la, la, la...Miss you my darling, my little friend.
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Great. I love this.