I Does Not Matter Where

I am, if I wake up and hear the birds outside I know it's okay to get up!

It could be sparrows chirping in the courtyard outside the hotel in Venice or home in Southern California.

A blue-jay on steroids fighting with a woodpecker over peanuts left on the deck railing;

Hummingbirds squeaking and stacked up like airplanes at Chicago's O'Hara waiting their turn at the feeder;

A cardinal demanding a refill of the sunflower seeds in the feeder;

A mockingbird dive bombing and defending her young impatiently awaiting their next feeding;

A robin bathing in a fresh rain puddle nestled in the garden.

The foregoing are just a few reasons my ears perk up and give me a reason to linger in that netherland between dreaming and stepping back into the real world. 

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2 Responses May 22, 2009

like it

you can be in this world but not of it ;) thank goodness<br />
lovely story thank you , gr8 typing ..