Laying in the sun... listening to the birdie orchestra all around me.... in stereo no less. :)
pure bliss

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6 Responses Apr 17, 2016

A nice cold beer helps too... :-D

haha yes it does :)

why wasn't I laying in the sun with you?

I know? right? ; )

Wish the little ***** would stop tweeting in the mornings out side my window as I try to sleep ! 😡


What that mean ?

Jelly! No sign of birds around here...instead 8" of snow!
I like the song!

Really? where the heck do you live? Alaska? hehehe
and thanks ....the Eels are awesome. =)

I'm in Colorado. It was 80 and sunny on Thursday...

yeah ours has been up and down too up until now. I think it's here to stay.

Nekky? 😝

I've got the bits covered... ;p

Oh damn...


Sunbathing!!!!! Yum!!!!!

double yum... ; )