Awesome Cold Blooded Creatures

The only lizards I love is Gecko. At first, I found them very disgusting, every time I saw a lizard I wanna kill it. But that changed when my brother bought a yellow male Gecko and two small gecko-like lizards. Last 2010 New Year, I got envious of my brothers putting the Geckos on their shoulders and let them walk in their hands, so I asked them if I can touch it. At first i was really shaking, but then my brother put the gecko on my hand, I found them very very very CUTE! They're so adorable! After that I always visit my brother's aquarium where the Gecko sleeps. On maybe April or May of 2010, my brother bought another female Gecko, I think it was a Snow Leopard Gecko. And it was sooooooo adorable! I'm planning on buying a Gecko for myself too. ^^ What other colors Gecko have? Tell me!! :D

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Crested Geckos are really nice and easy to take care of. Soft and gentle.
I have three crested geckos and one Leopard gecko.