Larb Mu

I am enjoying a very brief holiday by the seaside in Thailand.

Last evening I ate at a beer garden which must be just about the most pleasant venue for drinking in the world. It is set upon a pier that juts out into the sea, wave swell breaking all round, sea smell in your nose, good company and nice beer.

I ate a Larb Mu, pork. My favourite Thai dish. It is so easy to prepare:

Boil pork mince for 10 minutes.
While that's happening chop fresh onion (not too much), chilli, and fresh mint leaves.
Have ready some rice powder (this is dry-roasted rice pounded into a powder).
Turn out meat into a bowl and while still boiling hot add rice powder, chilli and onion, stirring to mix well. The heat of the meat will cook these just a tad, taking that raw edge off them.
Add to taste fish sauce.
Garnish with the fresh mint leaves and serve with steamed rice.

All up preparation time is about 15 minutes.
A fantastically easy and delicious dish which I cook at home about once every few weeks, and have been doing so for about 20 years.

I modestly add: my efforts are better than last evening's professional one; the latter was too greasy for my tastes and had far too much chilli. I know the Thai like their chilli, as do I, but not in the amounts they do. I like to savour flavours without the raw burn.

But don't get me wrong: I still enjoyed my dinner. If you ever get a chance to go to the Pattaya Beer Garden, grab it with both hands. A wonderful tropical venue.
61-65, M
Feb 2, 2013