Local Radio Family

Most local radio programmes are cheap listening with boring producers and worse music.

not so  Radio cornwalls late night show with John Govier.    Ive been a fan since day 1 , last year some time .  Last night i finally worked out how to get to the chat room and was instantly made virtual barmaid in the virtual bar. I was welcomed by listeners whose names  i knew well from the show. I even got a personal welcome from John himself. I then heard my name popping up on the rest of the evenings show.

Big Jg , as he is familarly known, prides himself on the family atmosphere he creates with his listeners.  Its not just local radio,  its an expansion of a family that spans the south west.

I am now well and truly a part of that.

Is this unique or do other people have similar stories about their local radio?

cornishchick cornishchick
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1 Response Aug 18, 2007

Lucky indeed, but fortunatly not restricted to the south west. There are listeners who tune in on the internet from the Us and elsewhere.<br />
if you're interested, try tuning into BBC website and follow the links to radio Devon between 10 pm and 1 am any week night. <br />
might meet you in the chat room one friday evening.