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I Enjoy Looking And Being Looked at dressed and undressed

Here I am dressed, and undressed

dressed and undressed with my hubby


and a little more than dressed and undressed

Who knows what lies behind that everyday innocent look!
cherz cherz 41-45, F 38 Responses Jul 13, 2011

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Dressed or undressed you're always super sexy. Please add to your list of friends.

I love dressed/undressed pics.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Love your picture thanks for sharing please take a look at my pics in my profile x

Love your hairy ***** in the 1st pic

Please add me

I like dressed and undressed too! I like the "natural" look better.

That's what fascinates me. Your innocent look.

Not only do you have a great body you have a wonderful attitude about letting people see the real you. You are a classy lady....dressed or undressed!

Thanks for sharing your delicious photos! Your dressed or not pics are a thrill to see.

very nice thanks !

You are lovely, sweet and innocently wild and hot! What a combo. Wow! I'd love to be added as your friend.

Nice pictures always from you.
Please add me as a friend

Nice, thanks for sharing. Please add me.

wow, you have really blossomed with age and now you are hotter and sexier than ever

Oh, you look like a fun Lady to be around!

I love the differences!


Hot and sexy. Please add as friend so I can see more.

Just lovely

Awsome body please friend me

Beautiful and no holds barred.

you look so hot dressed or naked

Talk about instant erection especially after seeing those sexy eyes! Thank you for the views, you are gorgeous.<br />

You look great both ways but I love how comfortable you look when naked and sexy.

I just wish I was a close friend of you two.

What an incredibly sensual woman dressed and undressed. I hope you will share more photos, fantastic

wow, love these pics, you are beautiful and so sexy. xxx

Very nice. Thanks for sharing

very sexy dressed or not. i do like the see through pic a lot

This is the most blatant exhibitionism I have ever encountered in EP. You are old enough, and look old enough, that doing this is your option. You are also married, but that is between you and your husband. I would guess he is the man behind the camera lol...<br />
<br />
Strangely, your hubbie is handsomer among men than you are among women.<br />
<br />
The internet has made it possible for a woman to unleash her inner ***** and ********. Hundreds of thousands of women, many over 40, have exhibited their vulvas on the web, while looking straight into the camera, showing composure and pride, and no fear. You are a case in point. I really think that one of the great social changes of our time is female exhibitionism in safety. A powerful cultural message of our time is "Ladies, be proud of your vulvas." Shame is morphing into pride. This is the first time since clothes were invented when anyone, not just obgyns, can find out what real women look like under their bikinis. We discover that many women have demure genitalia, and that the vulva often faces more down than out. The assault on female body hair that began with leg and armpit shaving has moved on to the groin. That there is great variety in the inner lips, and that many women are modestly endowed in that department. Adult women will be naked at many beaches and pools, by 2060.

Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

sweet. Such a lovely couple

Love the pictures, chere, you look hot!!!!

Added another - shaved!!

what a good looking woman...dressed or undressed...even better if you were shaved!

If you don't mind my saying, undressed favors you more.

Lovely either way, you go girl!