Keen On Publishing Dressed / Undressed Pictures After Visiting

It's not really daring to share nude pictures in an adult community. The members like you that way and they accept it. The communities are like a closed nudist area where nudity is nothing special. But in everyday's life nudity is daring. As long as we keep our social role apart from our sexuality, things are safe and a bit boring. Showing off dressed/undressed is like public undressing. I watch this kind of pictures not without some envy in particular if they are published openly ( I tinker with the idea of joining such a project. I like the way how naturally  nudity is faced with street fashion there.

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6 Responses Mar 13, 2010

thats a great site !!!!!

Well Put.

Very well written!! O loved your text. Hope you donĀ“t mind, I used your text as desc<x>ription of the naked dessed group in my site,

Very interesting link! Thanks for posting it.

I agree fully. Being nude in a nudist area is not as exciting as being nude in a situation where it is not expected. I also enjoy situations where one person is nude and the other is not.

I agree with what you are saying. I had a look at that website and that everyone on it looked very natural.