I Love The Male Body

I know most women are not as interested in looking at nudes of men but I have always liked looking at pictures of men naked and hard or just naked. I hate the crotch shot pictures men send me. You know, just the penis and nothing else. I like seeing a nice looking guy that is not ashamed of his sexuality and his body and is willing to show everyone himself naked. So many guys have sent me pictures that just show the body and not the face and I ask them why? They say they are afraid they will get spread around the Internet and I say so what? There are so many women that will pose naked, gladly letting everyone see them but so few men have the courage to do the same.
Come on guys, show us what you have!
arizonapalerider arizonapalerider
31-35, F
7 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Text me I'll send nude photos of me 2059133098

Please add me and check me out, I have no problem sharing my sexuality with women who appreciate the nude male form. It sjust so hard to find women who truly appreciate it. I have pics on my profile that I think u may like and I would love to perform any pose that may take your fancy.

I am willing to put mine up for viewing if you like. i have a number of them on here and as a professional photographer I have done lots of experimenting with poses and lighting. All you have to do is ask me.

Sweetie, I would love to show you what I have!

I am happy to hear of some women who like to look at naked men. I wished that some gal would love to look at me and I'm in shape too.

I LOVE looking at guy's crotch, but I agree there is more than just the crotch. I sometimes catch myself drooling when looking at a naked full body hunk of a guy. Wow!!

I would love to have woman look at me as sexy .My wife doesnt like it but thats ok with me she will get over it or maybe we slit up .my mairage sucks .