Why Are Men So Shy?

I love looking at nude men, especially when they are fully erect. Lots of guys will send you pictures of themselves, well faceless crotch shots, but seldom will they send you a fully nude picture showing what they look like. I have nudes of men all over my house, it is great when I wake up and see all those pictures as I always wake up horny. My husband has learned to accept having all those pictures around and while I sometimes take them down in the living room if we have someone come over that is uptight I have girlfriends come over and drink and we talk and compare pictures.
Come on guys, post some pictures of yourselves! My profile has a lot of me in it and I am not ashamed of how I look even though I am a little overweight and not 20 something anymore. I still get looks from men when I walk into a room. Of course with what I wear they should be looking.
How do you guys feel about this? Is it because you are afraid that someone you know will see them? You can always deny it is you, believe me I have had my pictures all over the Internet and I have never had someone I know confront me. Or, are you self conscience about how you look naked? Don't be, most women don't want to look at Mr Perfect, we just want nicely built regular guys to drool over!
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text me I'll give you full picture's of me nude photos and videos 2059133098

I'll give you nude photos of me text me 2059133098

I post my pictures on a number of adult sites and I show everything from head to tip to toe and almost always when im aroused with a full erection.I do it for the ladies however the majority of viewers and comments come from gay men telling me the extreme and often sick things they want to do. Well they gotta catch me first. I've no problems at being seen naked by women, infact I get quite turned on by it.

in most cases i think it would be fear of being caught by the wife haha

I think in many cases - certainly mine - its a case of our wives or girlfriends finding us on here, saying things which could cause problems. My wife is quite a prude and would be disgusted at my activity here and elsewhere on line.<br />
<br />
non-facial pics protect our anonymity.

i'll mail you some, you don't have to mail me anything, send me an e mail adress

I'm so delighted to hear that u have nude pictures around your house, I would love to have nude pics all around my house, I so appreciate the female form and would love so muchto know that pictures of my body were being admired. I've often fantacised about being a ******** but have never really found any women that look upon the male nude as lust fully as we men do at women's bodies, maybe that's why men are so shy about showing there full body or face, when ever nude men are around clothed women on the net it's all giggles and measuring of equipment that isn't very sexy unless yur into being humiliated.

Well some strangers saw me naked in a ***** club once,men and women, these 2 beautiful girls where performing a lesbian act on stage and when the looked for a volunteer my mates pushed me on stage, they ******** shirt and pants not knowing I went commando that day, well I had a full hard-on and well my friends were jealous afterwards with all the attention I got with the bar ladies afterwards so , no I don't care who see me naked just as long as the enjoy it

im 18 and i love when girl would take a full look at my body, im not shy at all. id love to show you some time:) and possibly let me see you? talk to me sometime!

Hi arizonapalerider, please take a look at my profile and pictures if you wish... I'd love it if you add me too!

I'm definitely not shy. I've been caught naked in more places than I care to remember. I have posted crotch shots in EP and I did also post some full body nude shots. I went to the beach at lunch time and I took a few pictures but most did not turn out good (too bright). I posted the best ones...

I'm not shy but I definitely worry about family or work people seeing me nude so I never post my face.Also as I'm approaching 60 my figure ain't what it used to be! I did have quite a lot of full body nudes but my PC crashed and I lost them.I'm annoyed as I used to be on newbienudes and got lots of compliments,especially about my ***.<br />
I'm now thinking after reading your comments that I'll add a full body nude into my albums !<br />
Please also feel free to add me so you can see my album.

Pale Rider, I don't think we're necessarily shy--it probably has a lot more to do with a number being up here on the sly. That said, I'd be over the moon if my wife would create an account...

I love to get nude and show off .I even like to webcam and have you ladys watch me as I ********** and I will blow a load for you .If you like I have pictures on my profile for you I love the comments