Naked In the Showers

I admit it! I enjoy looking at other women naked. In fact, I probably enjoy looking at other women naked more than looking at naked men. Love being naked together with other women in lockerrooms and in the showers. I've had a few mild F2F experiences and want to try wild sex with another woman one day. My husband wouldn't mind. In fact, I know he'd be all for it if he could watch, LOL.

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10 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I am SO with you on this. No idea if my husband feels the same as yours but... Sigh.


Damn please let us know how his turns out

Are you kidding? Naked guys are disgusting, hair in too many places, and ***** are just ugly. No one can fault you for enjoying naked women better.

Thanks for your thoughts RedBallons....You husband is one lucky guy....very lucky and you are one awesome and free spirited chick...Thanks for sharing....

I love looking at other women naked in the locker rooms. I happen 2 be a bisexual but nobody in my school knows that. Even if i am bi, i love naked women WAY more than men.

Coed nude spas like the one I wrote about tonight is the best of both worlds for someone like you. Nude men and women up close and sweaty.

Yes he would want to watch, get a cam going and we'll all watch

I swim at the spa five to six days a week, and I enjoy seeing other women showering and changing. Some women are more private than others, and some women will walk around in the changing room nude, which I think is great. I feel that women have such beautiful bodies, and I enjoy admiring them.

I'm a straight married woman and I love to look at the naked human form, male and female. I think women have beautiful bodies, but so do men. Its a shame that here in the good ole USA we are so childish about nudity, all places should be clothing optional, not totally nude because I do love to shop and get dressed up also.

My g/friend goes swimming regularly and loves to see the other women naked in the showers. I wish she could have an 'experience' and tell me about it!<br />
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