I love it.  Especially out in the country where you can see all the stars.  There's nothing like watching a meteor shower out in the country.

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1 Response Jun 14, 2007

I've laid on top of a roof at 4 am to see a shower and it was amazing. Shooting stars are cool to see anyway but they are usually one at a time. There have been really intense showers before but I've never seen one of those. The one decent one I witnessed had a meteor about every 5 minutes and sometimes much closer than that. They are so variable. Some much brighter and with a bigger streak or trailer than others. Some are along the horizon also or some are directly overhead. If you just lay down you'll be much more likely to see any one meteor. There are two major showers per year I think. The perseids and the Leonid showers (not sure about the spelling), when old "dust" from comet tails showers the earth. There's usually announcements before they happen. It is worthwhile, if you have clear weather, to wake up and see what's happening.