Windy Nights

The city where I live is quite windy. But when it's close to night time, what distracts me from the cold wind is the dark blue sky.
That color. It's such a deep dark blue... wrapped around the city lights. Then the pinkish orange-ish clouds scattered about. You can even see the stars against that deep blue.
...And then there is the moon. That bright crescent, sometimes a circle look right at me.
It is these moments of beauty that make me believe in a power that's way beyond me.
hibislo hibislo
2 Responses Jul 10, 2007

Thank you, sweetd... In fact, the sky I described is exactly how I've observed it. I wouldnt consider myself a writer really... But I have considered taking some writing workshops to exercise the brain a little where I dont use it.

Really a beautiful description of the night. You write prose beautifully. You should consider taking writing courses or if you're still in school try to excell in your English courses.