Wonderful Pleasure...

I always love to look at the sky day and night since my childhood. It was fun looking at the bright sky and play with clouds, imagine different shape of clouds. Also it was wonderful feeling lay on the grass, enjoy the smell and watch the beauty of sky. Looking to sky at night is different taste. Always amazes me... Especially summer nights. You can see all stars shining beside of beautiful moonlight. I usually go to my grandma on summers when i was a child. She was living in a big city here and it was not easy to see stars because of huge buildings and city lights. But i was found a way to reach the stars. Usually sit on the balcony and lead my back to the balcony wall and put my head back over the balcony wall. It was the way all the buildings keep away from my sight and reach to star. I have a great chance to feel much more close to sky because of my parents' summer house. It is wonderful place, has a big terrace and no lots of lights and huge buildings around it. I lay on the floor at the terrace and just enjoy the whole sky during nights. Feeling whole with universe. Its wonderful pleasure...

Peace, love and light,


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Yes absolutely agree with you gr8jesus. We all are energy. this body just a part of our existence. We can keep in touch by our spiritual body/soul/energy too. I am happy this connection always make me smile :)<br />
I wish you always enjoy your each breath my new friend. Namaste...

Well.....each human is made of not only a physical body, but also a spiritual soul that emits an oftentimes, unnoticed energy. That energy is the life force of the Creator. Looking above to the stars and planets many times reminds you of the energy you have within your body.Life is made of energy. It is invisible to the naked eye, yet it still exists. Everything in the cosmos has a certain wavelength, vibration, power or harmonic associated with it. Scientists have proven many forces exist, despite hidden from sight of the physical senses. Planets, stars and numbers give off a certain amount of energy. As evidence of this, just look at the effect the moon has on the earth's ocean tides. Astrology and numerology are spiritual modalities that reflect the charge of the universe.<br />
Be happy in life........:)

awww it is snowy there huh? What about snowmen? did you make any? It is just cold and cloudy here... sometimes rainy but no snow yet :( I am waiting and hoping a white christmas :)

I wish you can experience the beauty of the sky very soon my friend :) Take care destry... hugs:)

PurpleLotus and Bluebird777! thanks for your comments :) I am happy to share these beauties with you my friends :)<br />
Take care all...

Oh yes I love to watch the sky. I was raised in the country, you could see the sky sooo clearly, the stars were so beautiful and alive, it seemed as though they were talking..<br />
<br />
Like you during the summer I would lay in the grass and see all kinds of imanges. SOOO peaceful.. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story...

thanks Kaylors... I wish you have a time to watch this beauty again as soon as possible :)

Thanks runnagirrl. I am glad you enjoyed the beauty of night. I saw very interesting and unbeleivable one about a month ago. It was clear night, full of stars and beautiful moonlight on the sky. I was watching beauty of moon and suddenly thick and huge cloud come but couldnt hide the moon. Moon was shining and cloud pass behind the moon. I know it is not possible but i saw it. It was kinda miracle. a cloud couldnt cut connection between moon and me i think :) Hugs*

great story! i love looking at the night sky too. i saw a really beautiful one last night, actually. sights like that are truly priceless. :)