I Love Noisy Slurping Blow Job Sounds

The very best blow job iv ever had was from this younger girl i work with. She came over for some drinks after work other night i didn't know she was so young or that she loved ****. After a couple hours of chit chat she said straight out "can i suck your ****", I was shocked after realising she was serious I said yes. She pulled my **** out and started sucking it, didn't take long to get hard as a rock. It was her first 8 inch she must of loved it, was moaning and slurping on it sucking it really loud with drool going everywhere. Next minute she is trying to go all the way down to my balls, starts gaging gurgling and slurping drool was everywhere was so messy and noisy.I loved it so much took no time to ***. When i told her I have to *** she got even louder moaning and slurping> I swear iv never *** so hard in my whole life. I'm hoping to hook up again soon
aza84 aza84
22-25, M
Mar 9, 2011