The Scariest Day Of My Life

i just had my 4th child. finally a girl. i had 3 boys before her. she was so tiny when i had her. she only weighed 5 pounds when i took her home from the hospital. when she 6 weeks old i noticed she had this twitch in her legs. i took her to the docter and they said to just keep an eye on her. she maybe having seizures. about a week after that she started running a fever. i took her back to the docter and her oxygen level was really low. the gave her a breathing treatment and told me to take her to a childrens hospital in the city. wich is like 60 miles from where i live. i made it bout 20 miles and she started getting really pale and her lips was turning blue. i was speeding to try to get pulled over. i had to stop at the first fire station i came to. they took her and stopped at the 1st hospital they came to. by the time they got there, her fever was 104.5 and she was going into shock. they did a spinal tap on her and nuthin came back. they got her stabalized enough to take her the rest of the way to the children's hospital. for 2 days they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. she kept getting worse. i couldn't even hold her because she hurt so bad when someone touched her. she was swelling up. her head, arms,legs , everything. then finally, they figured it out. she had kidney reflux. the worst grade of it is a 5 and she had it. 3 weeks in the icu she spent. the scariest moment of it all was when the priest came in and asked me if i wanted him to baptise her. for 3 years she had problems. it took 3 surgeries to fix it. i think there was an angel watchin over her cuz i would get these dreams a couple of days before she got sick every month.
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You're a good mother... responding in time. I know luck is involved too. Glad to hear she's doing fine.<br />