I use to be this jeans and tshirt type of girl but 
these past several years I have became this " girly girl " I guess you 
could say. 

And I like nice clothing and to dress nicely all the time. I am not into 
wearing jeans and a tshirt a whole lot.. 

A few of my nice shirts have low cuts, but not too low of cuts, I use to 
wear tank tops underneath them because I had to and because I wasn't
into showing anything. 

But now the few shirts that do that I don't mind. I think the shirts are cute 
and feel like wearing them. 

low cut shirts are cute, and I like wearing them, but I don't have a lot 
of low cut shirts so I don't wear them a whole lot. 

Can't wait for to go summer clothes shopping, I need more nice shirts!!
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3 Responses Apr 30, 2011

Wearing a nice shirt brings out the woman in you. A formal / casual look attracts me.

@ Hawgrider - that actually is not a picture of me, that was one I found for an example. <br />
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@ TheWiseOldFool - I would say thank you, but that picture is not me. Someday I will have to put a picture of me with a low cut shirt!! <br />
<br />
But thank you both for your comments!!

Nothing better than a nice looking woman wearing nice clothes and unashamedly allowing a low cut top to show off just the right amount of cleavage. From your pic, it seems you fit nicely into all of those categories. Keep us the good work, and Thanks!!<br />
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