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Spilling Out

I seldom wear a bra, and when I do, it is usually just a halfcup bra, a shelf bra, that leaves my nipples exposed. I love wearing low-cut tops where my breasts just spill out whenever I lean forward. I love how men will struggle to keep their eyes from dropping to my inviting cleavage, and how they mostly fail miserably. When they look back up, and their eyes meet mine, I have this amused look on my face, as if to say, did you enjoy the view?

It is truly amazing how a lowcut top can get a girl what she wants. Like admission to a crowded club by a door man, or like a warning instead of a ticket from a handsome cop, or like a job offer from a new boss.

I am very proud of my breasts and I love showing them off in low cut tops.



outofbiz outofbiz 36-40, F 30 Responses Mar 1, 2008

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milfmaker:<br />
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You ask about advice for teaching and training your wife. First, I would refer to you my rules for wives experience. Second, I would remind all men that being sexy and desireable is partially a trust issue. She must be empowered to be lusciously sexy by being confident of your absolute approval and your steadfast love for her. Every time that you give her cause to doubt, she withdraws one step further from being that confidently sexy wife that you so desire. You must shower her in the warmth of your love, and nestle her in the protective cacoon of your absolute approval. Only then will she feel able to blossom into that enticing, seductive temptress that you fantasize about.<br />
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Warm Kisses<br />

outofbiz, a wonderful comment - which more men should read and take to heart! Thanks!

very nice sexy!!! i love when a women wears a low cut top that shows off her amazing breasts!! even better in a shelf bra or braless

I just want to thank you and the woman that privilege us with such wonderful sightings.

Love your attitude. Love to 'appreciate' beautiful women, all the better when they dress to impress!

Good for you, any advice on getting my wife there?

I fully agree with your comment ..." I truly believe that it is a woman's social obligation to display cleavage. The world expects and appreciates it. I show plenty of cleavage because I feel it is my civic duty"... I consider this very true and to the point simply because works of art can not be hidden... and it is part of teh beauty of life... that you get rewarded for it is only natural, like we all get rewarded when we wear nice suits to an interview.. .it is part of the immage and teh personality... atractiveness and sex appeal can be such a powerful weapon.. and there are some nice ways to enhance it... and not only that but it can be so damn sexy... lol<br />
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kiss<br />

Nasty, free thinker, with big boobs. Perfect. Love your stories. Please add me.

Harveyy<br />
<br />
I would suggest look but don't touch. She will let you know if she wants you to touch them or not. But she would not put them on display if she did not want you to look.

And does your wife enjoy wearing those low cut tops for you and putting herself on display?

i purposely buy tops for wife that are low cut to show off her assests

How come you do not have any pictures posted?<br />

would you mind if a guy in a power chair want to see your breast?? i am 52. last summer i was at a nightclub enjoying the music, i don't drunk, any way there was this lady there that just got a boob job. she went to every man in the place show her boobs, but when she get to me, she said no you can't see them. i felt soo bad. i went home and cryed. all i want in life is to see boobs, and know one will let me.

Reply to theanonymous:<br />
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It is a man's world and women compete largely on our ability to win the attention, approval and affection of successful men. So using our ample breasts and lush inviting cleavage is just one of the many weapons in our arsenal. I truly believe that it is a woman's social obligation to display cleavage. The world expects and appreciates it. I show plenty of cleavage because I feel it is my civic duty, and I always wonder why more women do not show off their cleavage. Women are gloriously beautiful and sexy, and being a woman is the most wonderful thing imaginable, so all women should glory in being just as enticingly, seductively feminine as possible.<br />
<br />
That men come to us bearing gifts or award us for our womanhood by granting us special treatment or privilage, that is simply what adoring males do for thier luscious goddessess. It is simply how things work and proof that the universe is unfolding as it should. All men should show their obvious appreciation when women display beautiful cleavage, and should reward and encourage women who do so.

of course that is justice. If you have them use them. if not your out of luck.

Would love to see them please add me to your circle. Thanks for being a sexual person. I saw a T shirt that said "If you think you feel good, FEEL ME" Is that an invitation to get in trouble or what?<br />

I don't mind cleavage but I have a problem when girls use it to get what they want.<br />
I find that using cleavage and sexuality to get what you want is flat-out manipulative and wrong. Like using it to get out of tickets or getting things for free?! There's no justice in that whatsoever!

Shush woman, just get them out on show, less of the yapping, you can moan when they have been well and truly sucked lol xx

I LOVE breastcentric women :) They are the best :)

I agree with Chris. I wish you lived near me and that I was forced to see you every day. That would be downright torture.

Its obvious that "JuicyGirlLover" just loves to "****-around!".........grin<br />
<br />

OK, you are right... I totally just want to **** YOU! (no giggle) I am not even joking! I am sending you a message right now....

Don't confuse lust with love, *giggle*, you don't even know me. You just want to **** me. *giggle* But that is OK. I am completely fuckable.

<br />

pucff<br />
<br />
I do like it when you stare at my breasts. I never bash me, I love men, and I think it is sweet how they stare at my breasts.<br />
<br />
kisses<br />

You are what street flirters (or anyone) love! Go you!

I want a t shirt like that for my wife!

Oh, goody! When a man fondles my breasts, my nipples get so stiff and swollen, and a warm glow just radiates over my whole body.<br />
<br />
I have a t-shirt that says, "Stop staring at my ****" and on the back it says "And start touching them"

Well...I sure would.

Oooo, yes, you can look all you want, but I wish you would touch them too.

When a woman wears a light-colored top and no bra, I have to fight to urge to just look her dead in the eyes and fondle them. Especially when she has large, dark areolas and thick nipples. I feel like she's just begging for someone to suck them. But I can't say so, lest I be arrested.

I wish more women would be like this. I love breasts, and I love looking. I try real hard to be respectful though. It would be nice to know that I can look and not offend her.