Hurray 4 Boobies

As a man, I love low necklines.  How low?  It depends on the setting, what the woman is comfortable with, and where she is at.

My wife has very beautiful full breasts.  She often wears t-shirts at home, and more modest shirts for work.  She dislikes wearing a bra and goes without quite often.  Often, when she is out in public, she wears low cut tops, or leaves a few buttons open.

I know she enjoys it, and as her husband, I feel complimented when others look and smile.  I enjoy looking at women, and find them very beautiful.  I enjoy the fluid motion of their hips when they walk, of the gentle swaying of their breasts and the look of contentment they have when they are feeling sexy, and let it show.

Yes, low cut tops are wonderful, just as short shorts, mini-skirts, and tight fitting jeans.  But, just as beautiful is a full length dress, with a low cut front, and an exposed back.  But even everyday cloths can be sexy, if the fit well, and they show the beauty of the woman's body they cover.

If you happens to have a curvaceous body and pass me on the street I may just get a big smile as I watch you go past.  Don't mind if I stare just a bit, I just can't help myself. 

But for all the rest of you ladies, don't feel discouraged or left out, your all beautiful, and I may not stare quite as much, but the smile is still there, and yes, I enjoy watching you, too.  So go ahead, burn your bras & rip the fronts of your shirts down to reveal your wondrous breasts.

darknight darknight
46-50, M
7 Responses Jul 19, 2008

I don't think there are any women who unintentionally wear anything. It's been my observation that females put a lot of time and energy into what they wear and how they look. I think if you look around, you will see there are plenty of women who enjoy and intentionally show what they have...

When I see a women in a low cut top, who is intentionally showing off what she has...I'll let you know. But the idea is very enticing.

Well thank you, Kara...

And it's nice to see that smile returned, knowing that the admiration I give is always with my respect...

i enjoy wearing low cut shirts... its nice to get that smile :o)

Thanks for the comments. Not only appreciated, but admired, too. It's wonderful when women can feel comfortable enough to reveal their beauty for everyone to enjoy, be it a low cut top, a short skirt, a form hugging pair of jeans or what ever she feels beautiful in...

Thank you very much. It's true, I do love women, there is nothing more beautiful. Not in a smutty way, like so many of the images of our times, but in a respectful way; the way God intended.