Garbage Bag Clothes

They're fun to make as you know what's coming next. I've often made dresses out of garbage bags and *********** in them. One real turn on for me is to wear them in the sauna as it really makes you sweat. I always make sure to have more than one with me as sometime people ask what it's like and I can give them the chance to try it if they want to. I remember once eying up a nice looking guy when he entered the sauna, and I really wanted to make him wear a bag, and it was a quite day. I made conversation for awhile,and then had a break. I came back in with a couple hidden in my towel as I had not yet put one on that day. We talked some more and then I pulled out a bag and said I hope you don't mind me wearing this - that was fine. I couldn't stop thinking of getting him to wear one, so after some convincing he put it on. He started saying it was getting a little hot. I told him to just relax and ignore the heat as I wanted to see someone really sweat it out big time. He cooperated and before long we were both masurbating. I could tell he was enjoying it then. When he meantioned the heat again I just said keep going which he did. When I finally decided to let him go, he was well dehydrated and that turned me on. He gave back the bag and said he'd enjoyed it. Once he'd gone I took my bag off and put his on followed by mine, the smell of sweat really turned me on knowing I was rubbing his sweat into me. Imasturbated about it for awhile before leaving. It was great to feel one had dominated someone else in this way. What a turn on to think about it.
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Nice story. Would be great to get into a bag and sweat with you.

I enjoy that type of thing.