I'm Hers...

I feel her always

She is in my heart, in me

I am hers forever.

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Hi geetar, how are you doing? Hope ur well. Thank You for your thoughtful comment I appreciate it. :--))

Hugs Candy,I am doing well. It is kind of U to ask, Thank U!! I hope ur well too! I am happy to see you here. Yesss, yours is "pretty close" to a Haiku poem. I like it. :--) I am happy that u tried one! ((Hugs))

Hugs Luv hope ur doing well :--))) Thank U!!!<br />
urs is better.. LOL is mine one haha! was just trying it! not sure!!

Thank U Very Much My Friend! I like summer too! I like ur poem, it is lovely, Thank U for sharing it! Hugs...

I like summer<br />
<br />
Makes me feel good inside<br />
<br />
It takes my breath away<br />
<br />
Lov urs :) hugs

Thanks Kindal. :)

It is kind of you to comment on my story Kindal, Thank You. LOL

Thank You for commenting Mother, I appreciate it. It is good to see you. :D

I am very happy to have "gotten your attention" my dear ICL. Thank You *Smooches*

You've certainly gotten my attention. Love your haiku.

I am so happy that you like it LV. I appreciate it so much. Thank You! *Hugs*

So beautiful, I love this

Thank You so much for commenting mumbo21.

so little that says so much. very nice

*Big Grin* awwwww, Thanks pumpkin. mwah

You are so kind to me ennuye. This is my first try. *blush* Thank You so much! I love your made up word. lol It is 'FANTABULOUS" LOL Thank You for reading and commenting, I appreciate it. mwah