Earthquakes, deadly storms

Devastating, people lost

Need our love and help.

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11 Responses Mar 13, 2010

How can so few words

Cause my heart to overflow

And dissolve in tears?

I read in the news today, that over the last few days, the city of Moscow has been averaging 700 deaths PER DAY! Yes, 700! There are apprx. 550 forest fires burning in Russia right now, due to extreme temperatures. Many of the fires are near Moscow. There is intense smoke and smog in Moscow do to all the fires. The average temperature in Moscow during the summer is 75 degrees. Over the last several days however, the temperatures have been around 100 degrees. Unbelieveable! God Bless them all.

Thank You Kindal. There are many people in pain around our world. I hope many of us can send our thoughts and prayers to them. *Hugs*

Rana, I appreciate you too my friend. Thank You for taking the time to pray for others in pain Rana. You are a very compassionate person. You are in my prayers as well. Thank You Rana, I hope you do write more. You have a lovely way with words. *Hugs* <3

geetar, I appreciate your kind words so much, Thank You! :) I am glad that you stopped by.

Thank You So Much datura, I really appreciate it. :)

So much said in a few well chosen words. Really well done, Luvmc.

Hello LV, <br />
I hope you are well. Thank You for visiting my story, I appreciate it. Take Care...

Such a great poem, yes we all should do something.

Aww, it's okay Mother, I was just trying to do something different. Thanks *Hugs*

LOL, Thanks Mother.