Dance of Love!!!!!

I want to dance with you, body to body, soul to soul, and heart to heart.  I want to be so close that even our shadows cannot be separated.  I want to hold you close and never let you go away again.  I want you to caress me with your masculine hands.  I want to feel my heart beating with yours.  I want to feel your response to being so close to my body. I want to feel your breath on my body quicken as I whisper naughty little teases in your ear.  I want to make our shadows dance the dance of love.  Do you want to join me love?

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 32 Responses Jul 15, 2009

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HMMM I'm not sure.

Where would we put the peanut butter FG?


Sounds awesome especially right now.

Let us dance and let the world fade around us.

We would have a great time.

I would love to dance with you though.

I KNOW that would be fun. :-)

LOL I used to dance with my shadow when I was a kid.

I watched my shadow dance one time. That's why I don't dance any more.

I will dance with anyone who wants to dance. I love to dance.

Shall we waltz? I know that I am not "your" man but I think I will do for sure.

Okay VG... I can use the distraction. Let's go!

Ar, Please?

No it's not about dance. But let's dance anyway.

I will not!

Ar, You will dance.

Sorry there is just no wai.

Sounds awesome onw

come on Ar. let's dance.

OnW2 dips and spins w/ FG and waltzes around the dance floor holding her so tight that people think they are joined at the belly button

I don't dance. Dancers get out of my way when i walk.

hehe! I am a woman of mystery. that good or bad......thoughtful.....completely out there :o) ??????


an emotional entertwining...a dance of blending spirits...a combining of two into one

Thanks BBS. ((smooches))

**fungirl giggles as Brut almost drops her.** lol

I am kind of a clumsy dancer, but I always do my best :-)

*Brut dips FG and laughs into her eyes*

Awe thanks Brut. ((hugs Brut tight))

I'll respond, FG :-)



Beautiful. :)