I have spent tbhe last hour - maybe more - sending you emails about my private working life as a British national jorurnalist and a lover of boobs (usually small,and dark brown. Am I correct?
Anyway.I would like to keep in to.touch, and if you are visiting England you are welcome to stay at our hlouse (Cherokkee nipples a must)
You have seen my wife's nips.
If they don't match up. you better be a bloody good reporter.
Seriously. If you want to come over,,. just let me know. If you don't want to stay at our home.No worries! I can sort oot hotel accommodation nearby.
But whatever you decide, the small breasts(maybe) - but dark pink nipples - applies now.(British Journalistic Law).
I am knackered and going to bed in an hour. So you better be quick!
buster103 buster103
Jul 11, 2010