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I live in the Midwest (Indiana to be specific), and anyone who even remotely follows the weather knows that over the past several days, we've been getting bombarded with snow and ice depending where you live at.  In my area we got the ice, about 4-5 inches of solid ice covering everything: power outages, collapsing roofs, slide-offs, and several slips and falls were commonplace.  I'm a bigger guy, and sometimes I don't always have the best of balance, but I can say that through it all, I'd not fallen once.  I was feeling quite good about that and was pretty pumped!

So, the other day I was working an overnight shift at my job.  Part of my job is to walk around the store and put things back where customers have moved from their regular spot on the shelf.  So, I was doing said task, and the next thing I know, I'm no longer looking at the shelving area in the back of the store, I briefly see my shoes at my eye level and then I'm looking up at the ceiling.  "What happened?" you may ask, well I'm glad you did.

Apparently, at some time during the previous shift someone either dropped an extremely slippery item.....a banana peel.  I never knew they were really so slick, but I totally understand why they have the reputation they do!
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The only thing really hurt (besides my pride) was the banana peel, sadly it was crushed, never to be a slippery slope to any other person ever again. But I did give it a good burial however. I almost wish someone would have been there to see it, just so they could back up my story. Oh well, maybe next time.

I'm glad you told this one ha, ha,ha YAY! But I really hope you were not hurt, okay. BIG Bearhugs, livingwell