...putting People At Ease...

I work a very stressful job, am overworked, have many people reporting to me and often times should probably just keel over and pass out. However, I learned early on in my career that keeping things light and easy was very helpful. When dealing with stressful situations I often like to take the edge off the subject by offering something humorous. This works about 80% of the time, which I happen to think is a good metric, so I’m keeping to it. My delivery is often subtle, but when I see my recipients pause, look up, then crack a smile or laugh it’s like a cool drink on a hot summer day, and offers some emotional fuel to get through our issues. Other than that, why not laugh? It’s fun! I also think you can be a serious and intelligent person and enjoy humor too. Lighten up everyone!
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1 Response Aug 5, 2011

People like this make the best bosses. Maybe you should start selling your clones?