Ah, Miconazole!

Ok...that summer I was doing a lot of bicycle commuting in the heat.  In my tight little bike shorts. 

Now for those of y'all not familiar with the typical Houston summer weather, it's kind of a sauna in your clothing.  Well, those tight little bike shorts, try as they might, just weren't wicking all the sweat out from the area betwixt my girly bits and the bike seat...and after a few weeks of...chronic heat and humidity in the basement, well...

Case of the yeasties. 
Yep. I was making muffins down there and it was most irritating.
So I had enough cash and stopped at the store one morning...but just enough for the miconazole.  I forget why.
So I noticed the teller lady, a nice southern lady was asking everyone "How you feelin' this morning."

And I realized what I needed to say.  It was really hard to keep a straight face.

I stepped up, right in front of her, and when she asked me "How you feelin'?" I slapped the box of vaginal miconazole down on the counter and said "Itchy."

She could not stop laughing for about a minute.  It was great.
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2011

Someone asked me something in a store last week..... My response was 'Id rather lick a bums balls'<br />
<br />
Methinks I should think before i speak....she thought it was funny tho.

Wow.. Funny as.. good on you.... You should be proud of yourself. not many people will make others laugh...