Oddly Funny.

I had always been fairly quite and shy up until about 7th grade where I got the reputation of being "funny". How this happened I don't know but I guess people started to listen and enjoy my various jokes from politics to ethnicity and just plain ole stupid crap. Me and a buddy of mine used to challenge the male teachers to fight and of course we'd lose and that people laugh uncontrollably sometimes.

Eventually he went to another highschool and I guess attacking teachers wasn't that "cool" any more so I had to find knew material....Which was quite easy in drama class with all the improves we did. I was eventually ( I don;t mean to brag) the most likeable guy in the class men and women alike [;)] and simple things like asking to go to the washroom during a lecture would crack most people up. I would give you some examples but I don't think they'd be that funny in words. Gotta be there to here it you know what I'm saying ?

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cool story bro