Going Commando For The Holiday

Last year, I went on holiday with some friends. We all went to Spain, and the sun was out every single day. I, and my friends, were having a great week, and enjoying every single minute. One day we planned to go to the beach, and as usual, we packed everything we needed. Also, because it is only across the road from the hotel, we changed into our swimming trunks at the hotel. We all packed shorts for walking back, a towel each and clean underwear. However, I forgot to pack some underwear.

When we arrived at the beach, it was fantastic. It was  quite quiet, and very warm. As soon as we put our things down, we all ran to the sea and jumped in. It was very cold at first, but quickly got used to it. 

After an hour and a bit of messing around, we came out and sun bathed for a bit. Then decided it was time to go back to the hotel. I got the towel around my waist, and pulled down my trunks. Then I looked in my bag for my underwear, and couldn't find them. I said to my friends "Guys. Have any of you got my underwear?"
They looked and all replied "No".
At that moment, I panicked, then my friends asked me why I was wondering, to which I replied "I think I didn't bring any".
They all started laughing, and then asked me what I was going to do. I couldn't wear my swimming trunks back to the hotel, because they were cold and wet, so the only option was to go commando. "I guess I will have to wear just my shorts, then." I put on the shorts, and left the beach.

It really felt weird and comfy at the same time. The fact that your gentleman's region was swinging free, without any support  was really nice. When I did arrive at the hotel, I didn't put any underwear on, because I was happy the way I was.

Several months later, all of us went on holiday again. This time to Hawaii. I packed what I was going to take with my friends, and they said to me "remember last time we all went on holiday?"
"Yes" I replied, "It was great!"
"Do you remember when we went to the beach, one day, and you forgot to pack your underwear?" my friend said "You had to go commando!"
I replied with a short "Yes I remember that, as well"
"I dare you to go commando for the whole holiday in Hawaii. If you don't, I will call you chicken for the rest of your life."
"Deal" I said.
So there I was packing everything into my suitcase, then I came up to my underwear draw, looked in, then closed it straight away. Then zipped my bag, and said "Right, ready to go, then?"

On the plane there, the friend with me had told my other friends that I was not wearing any underwear this holiday. One of them replied: "I might not wear any, as well. Dare me to."
"OK" he replied. 

Soon, all of my friends announced that they were going commando, and as soon as we got to the airport, they all went to the outside bin, and threw their's  away, so they wouldn't wear them. I felt more confident with myself about the situation, now that everyone else was joining me.

The days went by, and we all had the best time ever! And it was made better without underwear. Going commando is the best thing on a holiday. Full stop.
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

Stay commando ALL the time!

Thats funny ...... I rember a time when I went to a party that was at a cabin on a few ponds I didn't bring a swimsuit cause I was not told we would go swimming so I got there and they were all swimming and there mom said they had some extra shorts I could use to swim in so I went to the bathroom and forgot to take my underwear off so after swimming I relized and I had to go commando in jeans for like an hour ride home so I just didn't put any on after I got home it felt great ..... from then on I have gone commando every chance I get

You may never wear them again. I have known a few in my life who preferred not to.

Thanks for commenting. I have decided to go commando today, as well. It feels great!

I have heard that from a lot of men. I think that is the great appeal of quilts. No undies, just the feel of the breeze on your nether regions.