Omg This Guy Is So Goth! O_o

I will never reach his glory  

Dragon3lf Dragon3lf 18-21, F 7 Responses Dec 28, 2012

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That looks like a navy issue fleece for one...secondly...he hit the nail on the head...that left me without intelligent words.

no sponsor ? , what a surprise !

'Moon over your head! Beaming down...with it's ominous glow!'((maniac smile)) Lmao!

Who are you quoting? Who killed Mr. Moonlight? :DDD

I'm quoting Onision at 1:51.

Lol whooo killed Mr Mooonliiiight :p

I love that song...yeah I was a bad girl..I didn't watch it this time >.

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Ummm... Wtf?

((Chuckles)) What?

Is this your first time witnessing a person having fun without caring whether he looks ridiculous or not?

Onision is hilarious. I used to put a lot of videos of his antics in my blog(before I deleted my account). Its funny his "goth" guy is metal and his emo guy is goth. :D

Lol I know, I noticed too. His goth character acts like a metal head while his emo character acts more like a goth all serious and stuff. Still he's hilarious xD And by being himself and having fun he's more gothic than he realizes.

Watch him with Cyr...too awesome

There are many vids with Cyr...

I know...thats good you know lol

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It made me laugh. :))


Youre lucky im a good friend, because for some reason i actually watched that whole thing. I feel saddened, just for all of humanity :P

We should all be more like him....

But i JUST got my hair cut out of my eyes for the first time in hlaf my life :P

I don't care you should grow it again!! D:

I might end up doing that actually.

lol! Just don't choke on it like this guy.

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