It Makes Me Feel Good To Make Others Happy

I not only like to make the people that are special to me feel like they are special but I also like to make others, any one, feel good. I like to see someone laugh or smile and know that I helped to make that happen. It always makes me feel better to make others feel good.
I like to do things for the people that are in my life, to make them feel good and special. It's the little things that show that you care, especially when you do them all of the time.
It's true that having someone smile at you can make your day better. For me, making someone smile truly makes my day. I don't even have to know them. In fact, it always makes me feel the best when someone I don't know, but I can tell is having a bad day, smiles or laughs because of me.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Jan 17, 2013