Laughing: It Matters!

I love to laugh. And I love to make other people laugh. The best thing about a laugh is knowning that you put that smile on there face. But there's more to a smile than the fact that it feel good. laugher stimulates the brain making you feel better mentally and physically.  You could say it is the cure to depression and stress. Did you know that the  average child laughes 1000 times a week! while an adult averge is 8... That must mean that there are alot of unhappy people out there being stressed out by life. Just driving while talking on a phone increases stress 1000 times than normal! So what ever you do but laugher in your life. You need it.

SouthsideBalla SouthsideBalla
2 Responses Aug 12, 2007

I love your attitude!!! Wow! Adults only laugh 8 times a week!!! We shall have to remedy that!!:)

I hear ya buddy, I always try and make people laugh as well. Even when it means putting myself in the cross hairs I usually will go for it because I know if I can put a smile on someones face it will make them happy. Smile it feels good, ;)