Top 5 Least Likely Movie Pitches

Down on his luck bank executive gets shot in the face during a donut store holdup, lives, and ends up hooking up with the guy that shot him.

A huge inheritance changes the life of an anemic panhandler until he bets it all on red at Foxwoods and loses.

Food poisoning bring the Dr. and patient together and results in hilarious bed pan hi jinks and severe emotional turmoil.

Horror Story - An exhaustive search finally leads the barista to marry his dream girl only to find her parents and brother have to move in with them.

A klutzy surgeon known for mad accidents and misplaced organs losses his malpractice suit and ends up doing hard time in the pen.

Hot Mess narcissistic hair dresser hooks up with bipolar and ocd policeman combined with money, infidelity, substance abuse problems. a love story.
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1 Response Aug 23, 2014

Pitch them to Hollywood. I think ive seen worse!