Laughter Is the Best Medicine

doing stand up comedy is easy... making people laugh is the hard part! but if laughter is the best medicine?... maybe i should open my own practice.  i hav been doing comedy for about 4yrs. its not for the fame or fortune thats for sure... but most of my life people hav said to me... gee, you're funny... looking.  

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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I have found out that the statement is so true. I have worked in different jobs and each one I made people laugh. That also makes me happy. I had a couple of friends that were manic depressants and they were in and out of hospitals and taking medication. I told one of them that with the way my life has been I can't believe that I'm not like them. She told me the reason that I'm not like them is that I find humor even in a bad situation. I think she's right. Never thought of it that way.

Ha ha ha ha!!!!!! :-D <br />
I always say that to be funny one has to be willing to make a fool of one's self. Might as well be willing, because we make fools of ourselves whether we want to or not. <br />
Thanks for your good humor :-)