Now, I Don't Always Do It On Purpose...

...but it is amusing. Not like mad as in like homicidal, because that would be a healthy dose of not cool on my part, but like mad as in a cartoonish type of mad. You know, with the eye brows furrowed in, the red-facedness, and the screeching that comes with running into an annoying git like me. I used to do it with my grandma all the time when I was younger. I would **** her off being me and she would yell and sometimes chase after me with a wooden grinning nervously the whole time. Eventually the fight would be forgotten because we couldn't stop laughing.

The same, I suppose, applies to interactions with some of my friends. I guess I am a jerk. Mostly at parties... you'll never see me coming as I slip an ice cube down your shirt/sabotage the accessories on your cake somehow (if a birthday party)/one-up you with my debating skills in front of your bf/gf /poke and tickle you incessantly/do other assortments of mildly nasty things!

It's just plain funny when people have had enough and get that crazy look in their eyes before they give chase. Can't catch me! I was in track back in grammar school!

Compelling Compelling
18-21, F
Jul 27, 2010