My Mom Got Me Into It.

This is actually quite fun. I like making my own designs and patterns. They make great Christmas ornaments, and you can even make some nifty three-dimensional items with layers of patterns. My favourite one was a 3-D grand piano that I made for my mom.

HOWEVAH!... It *can* get rather old if you do it for too long, which is usually the case with my mom. She LOVES these, way more than me.

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They are plastic beads that you put onto a pegboard to temporarily hold them in place. Once your design is complete, you place a piece of wax paper over it then iron them. This melts them just enough to fuse them together.<br />
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Here's an example of what you can make with them- some nifty Zelda coasters :)<br />
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What makes Perler Fuse Beads different than other beads like say glass, precious stone, etc...