Male Exhibitionists Turn Me On

I remember the first time I ever saw one, well... Kind of. I was at my friends house when I was around 8 years old (I know, young, but still) I am not sure if he knew or not but my friends step dad had on pants with a warn out hole in the crotch (also part of why I have a fetish for pants with holes in the crotch for both my self, other men and women.) He sat across from us watching T.V. I could see evvveerrryyything. Very clearly, even though the little strands from stress where still mostly intact, as with most naturally worn in jean holes. I stared. Part of me wanted him to notice me staring, in the hopes he might like it. Another part of me was nervous he might get offended and send me home and not let me play with my friend anymore. I'll never know truly if he noticed, but sometimes I like to fantasize he knew and deliberately wore those pants, that night, in that seat, for me to see.

The second time, I was about 10 and we where in the grocery store parking lot. A man was ************ and walking around right in the middle of all the cars. People where gasping and going to the store to call the police, etc. My mother grabbed my hand and started yelling at the man and calling him a pervert, etc, etc. I on the other hand stared in delight. He pointed it out, and said "Look she wants to see!" And stroked him self and looked at me. My mom covered my face and walked me to the car. Where she sat me down awkwardly and asked me "You don't want to see that do you?" I knew I had to say no, so I did. But the truth was that I could have watched that all day long, and more. That was the first time in my life I recall having the face burning sensation of being both embarrassed and aroused at the same time. I can't even count the number of ******* I have had to that memory, nor the fantasies of different outcomes, like "I wonder what would have happened if I'd been alone in the parking lot..." Clearly the guy had lost it, the way he was talking, and how bold he was, most exhibitionists are more subtle, even when being obvious. No one wants to go to jail. But, well... I liked it.

The third time was more... Dangerous feeling, I suppose. I was barely 14, it was the same month as my birthday. I was ditching school and sitting in a church parking lot. (ikr? lol the irony...) It was across the street from my then boy friends school. The man was acting funny. I knew what he was contemplating though because by that age I'd had my own little adventures and could recognize the body language. Diverted shifty eyes. Touching the stomach, pacing back and forth, pants unbuckled but not unzipped. It was obvious to this young pro. (lol) ;) Well I was a little worried I'll admit because I was going to get in trouble if I was caught in that parking lot out of school, and if he got caught, I knew I would too because I didn't have anywhere else to hide out. The guy vanished behind me, I could almost feel him staring at me, so I turned around. There he was sitting on the ground with a penthouse magazine in one hand and his **** in the other. He had chickened out of flashing the drivers going by on the street and settled for me being there to turn around and see him. My paranoid young mind started conjuring all kinds of bad things that could happen so in this instance I played it safe and started to walk towards the church. I was not expecting him to follow me, but he did. My heart raced, so I ran. He yelled after me "Hey you! Come here!" I bolted into the church doors and did what most girls would do. He didn't get caught though, so, don;t be put off by that lol. I was just... Young. He rode away on the bicycle he had with him and the cops came and I told them I was feeling sick so I was on my way home LOL! Such a little liar. I played naive to the fact I needed permission to leave school like that. ;) I've always wondered though just why I felt wrong about that one, considering I have such a big fetish for it. Maybe there was some kind of danger possible, supposedly we humans have the innate ability to sense such dangers. *shrug* hmm.

The fourth one was a lot better. I was 15 now, and in a chipper mood, swinging my backpack at my side. I notice a car parked and a man inside. I walk by and notice his hand in that familiar motion. So I peek in, and sure enough, his hard **** there in his hand right on the street. I got immediately turned on and smiled at him as I slowly walked past. He got scared though and drove off. He lost his chance! I so would have taken a little drive with him. I was really really wet by the time I got home, so I put on some short shorts with no panties (And I mean... SHORT). They where jean cut offs with barely the seam as a crotch. I wore those a lot because it was easy to play dumb and get away with it. I grabbed my boyfriend and took him to the riverbed for some semi-public fun. We ****** while some bum watched us and jerked off across the river. My boyfriend loved those shorts, he'd get hard every time I wore them because he knew what it meant. ;)

The last time was when I was 22. It was funny, yet sexy. I was walking to the store and some guy drove by in a jeep saying "Wooooo!!" I laughed, and then I saw he was naked, and had a VERY big **** that was VERY hard. My jaw dropped. He was ******* hot, this guy. Wow. I wanted him to stop and just **** me! But he was having fun driving around flashing. I was just another lucky set of eyes. ;)

And now I wait until it happens again. Ah, if only it was something more common. ;)

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i love to drive around naked.... lets go for a ride;)

I love to flash. Is fun to wear some gym shorts in the train that clearly outlines your **** underneath. If the response is good from the watcher, a little shuffle and adjusting lets the helmet pop out for them to see. I love the look on their faces when that happens...makes me even harder.

Ooo that is so sexy!

You have seen alot of ****! Guys like to flash more than women do....although I had a MILF flash me once and it was HUGE! Must have been DDD's at least. That is real fun. Keep flashing and making people happy. Spread the love and *** while doing It.

Oh most definitely!!! ;)

WOW. That's alot of experiences!

Not nearly enough though!

Yes...watching can be as addictive as flashing. Here\'s hoping you have an endless parade of **** flashers exposing themselves for your viewing pleasure.