I'm Gonna Blow!

one day i was going to home from work after having a few beers. i started to have the need to pee but thought i could hold it until i got home. well, some huge car into a wreck and i got stuck in massive traffic. 20 minutes later i really needed to pee. my penis felt damp from the few drops that have excaped. sitting there waiting, legs clamped together trying to forget about my urgency. then a small squirt came out of my penis and made a small spot on my light blue jeans. i quickly grabbed my penis, a stream of pee built up behind my fingers. i looked outside desperatly looking for a bush or something, but alas there was none. i was in the middle of a crouded intersection that was on the top of a bridge. i started to moan as my bladder was in pain. i had to grip my penis tight to hold in the force of the urine. the clock ticked and ticked, with each passing second the pain got more and more unbearable. until i could not stand it anymore and let go, a nice hot stream a **** flooded my jeans and all over the seat, i got home about a hour and two more pees in my jeans later, ly pants were flodded, they were so soggy they were dripping with urine. i put them in the wash and took a nice hot shower.

poopypantsguy poopypantsguy
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

A number of times I have figured I could hold my pee until I got home, and I was wrong. Some of those occasions I was on foot and had to water a tree, and when in my car I have used my emergency bottle. I guess it's male vanity that makes me think I can hold it in for a long time.

That sounds nice, I wish I was with you, we could have had a laugh, together or you could have set on my lap.