So Close...

i was rinding a motorcycle 10 minutes after i ate out at tacobell, when i heard a huge rumbling noise, i knew then that there was going to be trouble. right afterwords i got a massive urge to dump! being on the interstate i could not do that. the nearest reststop was about 10 minutes away, i tried to hold it. within a couple of minutes small squirts of hot wet diarrhea were landing on my white jeans. i got to the rest stop and hoped off the motercycle and sprinted inside, both of my hands clasp to me already brown circle on my butt. i desperatly asked where the bathroom was, and they pointed it out. when i go there it was locked and in use. i crossed my legs but to no avail, hot, liquid, poop came flying out of my anus, filling my underwear and dripping down the leg of my tight white jeans.

poopypantsguy poopypantsguy
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4 Responses Feb 26, 2010

do you have these experiences on purpose because you poop a lot haha

Your story makes me feel really horny, I really get turned on by reading about diarrhoea

So the white jeans are brown now? So dye them! Or use what they call a bluing agent, you can find that at Wal-Mart, or your local grocery store. By the way, where did you find white jeans at? I would like to own a few pairs!

what did you think i did, i had to jump back on my motercycle, poop gushing out of the back and between the legs. and drive home to shower, my pants were brown by the time i got home.