It About To Blow!

one day i was in the workplace when my stomach grumbled, i had no idea that my work buddy loaded by bean burritos with laxitives, about a hour into my workday i felt a huge grumble in my stomach. i thought nothing of it and tried to ignor it, my stomach started to hurt, i thought i might have gotten a stomachache. well i waited a few more minutes, all of a sudden my anus felt like it was going to blow right there in my tight beige workpants. i forced myself to hold on with dear life. it subsided a bit. i then got out of my seat and ran full force with my legs clamped together and my hands clamped on my anus to the bathroom. with each step the desperation got worse and worse. i made it to the toilet just to find it was out of order. i ran to the nearest toilet but halfway there i knew it was too late, i stopped dead in my tracks, crossed my legs, and held on the hardest i could, but to no avail. my butt exploded it filled my underwear, and started to go down the leg of my tight pants, the poop was very liquidy but solid at the same time. i walked to my car then and just sat in it, the poop gushing between my legs and up the crack in my light blue dress up shirt. it felt nice and warm.

poopypantsguy poopypantsguy
18-21, M
Feb 27, 2010