Saddest Manga Ever!!!

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I just finished reading the manga series Deep Love and immediately had to write this... I won't write to much because I hate d!cks who put in spoilers, especially if they don't even warn you >_<. I cried sooo much while reading these books, man! I cried so much I have a headache now. My heart hurts too. Now, I'm not gonna lie and say I've never cried from a manga before, because I'm a total cry baby. But, I've never cried this much over one before! It's so short too (by my standards that is). I normally need at least 8-10 volumes, before I am emotionally invested enough to cry. Maybe it won't affect others, as much as it moved me, because I saw tiny bits of myself in each of the characters. I will definitely buy the physical books themselves in support to the mangaka, Yoshii Yuu-Sensei. Make sure you buy the real thing when you can! Support you favorite mangakas!!
If you want to read them this is the link to the first one in the series.
I accidentally read them some what out of order, so here is a list of them in order.
Deep Love: Ayu no Monogatari
Deep Love: Host Club
Deep Love: Reina no Unmei

P.S. There is also Deep Love: Poa no Monogatari, I'm pretty sure it's the last one to read, I am about to read it now so if the order is different, I'll let you know. ^_^
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Jun 15, 2012