Manga Lovers- and Haters...

A majority of my friends don't appreciate Manga. I don't know why. Because its foreign maybe?

They say its stupid, and its not even good art. In that case I'm not sure what is- because I think its wonderful. One thing I've noticed is that it's my friends, who claim (I also tell them this daily..) that they CAN'T draw who don't like it. We have many laughs over the fact, that one of my friends is very jealous of me. But Manga is probably one of the few ways me and my friends are divided- (That and 'Twilight')

But I know a lot of other people who love Manga like me! All the way from a little girl in year 7, to my friends Nadia, Jen, Lisa and everyone else like those idiots , and the girl in yr 10, who constantly tries to sell her artwork... we never have bought one... we just draw our own!!!

I've tried to persuade my friends many times to see the talent which it takes to draw Manga, but they just wont listen... I don't mind. They all adore Twilight, and personally I don't see the light that comes from it for them.

I draw Manga everyday. Every morning, in Art lessons (when I'm meant to be tracing a pattern for my assessment work), and as soon as I get home. Of course, this depends if Im also writing a story- I need to keep myself entertained so I switch between art, writing, and just having fun on my laptop.

Well...I guess every ones different aren't they! But still- Manga is rather cool isn't it.

DanielxKatie DanielxKatie
13-15, F
1 Response Mar 8, 2009

Manga is the best! And oh my gosh I completely understand what you mean; all my friends are obsessed with twilight and don't appreciate manga. Honestly, they're so silly. And I love drawing manga too! I'm glad there's someone who thinks the same way I do out there!