Dry Up

I usually make them myself. Most places use too much vermouth or none at all and for me the vermouth really matters. I use just enough to cover the pitcher and glasses and dump the excess. Then place the glasses in the freezer to chill while I chill the gin.

I'll add a few ice cubes to the pitcher and gently pour the gin in down the side avoiding lots of splashes and give it a swirl with the ice. Then I let it chill while I prepare two spikes with three or four olives each.

I like the smaller olives and sometimes remove the pimento and stuff them with blue cheese. Whenever I use large olives I always get the one that is hard and stringy and has a bad taste. Yuck!

When the olives are done I remove the ice from the pitcher so the gin doesn't get any more watered down. Then I add a little olive oil, maybe a teaspoon, just for a hint of taste not enough to make it dirty and it is time to get the glasses and pour.

About three hours later I'll have a wicked head ache so I don't make them very often anymore.

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A good martini is a very personal thing. Everyone has their own idea on perfection. It sounds like you have yours down to a science. Cheers!