************ At Work...

I am a professional delivery driver, and a lot of times I get the urge for a release while I am working. The other evening I delivered to a home and a beautiful younger asian woman answered the door wearing a tight white shirt with no bra and painties. Obviously, I got turned on, and was a little embarassed, as my work uniform leaves little room to hide a hard on. She noticed, giggled a bit, and said something along the lines of "well, its only natural". I stood there with my **** rock hard and easily outlined through my pants while she signed for her package. As I handed over the box she stared, which only made it harder. After everything was said and done I made ny way back to my truck, still rock hard, and stepped in the back closing the door behind me and as quickly as possible pulling my **** out of my pants. Already throbbing and dripping pre *** I licked my hand and began to stroke as hard and fast as I could. When I came my ****** nearly knocked me off my feet (I was standing while doing it). This was not the first time I had done it at work, but it was one of the best!
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Keep up , the good work.