i maturbated before i sleep again i did it after i wake up before going to work and now i am at the lunch break and couldn help it and started touching myself
omdyood omdyood
36-40, F
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do you lke men noticing your touching yourself? Does it enhance your experience?

I am horny all the time too and it's agony not to be able to get relief if there's no obliging person around and I can't **********

Just rub it baby thats the best thing to do ;)

Good for you!!


Thats good that you like playing with yourself, its nice to make a girl play and watch her as she squirts, and it tastes so good

Need a hand? ;)

Wish I could help you.

When I am at work and on EP, like right now, I get very turned on sometimes and have to feel myself.

Horney at work never an easy thing.

you sure like it alot :P

I'd love to chat with you for session of mutual pleasure

I love to ********** at bed time.A good orgasam is the best sleeping pill there is.

It always fun and what a stress buster. You go girl!

Awesome...good way to relief some stress threw the day.nothing wrong with that

IM still waiting.

Can I suck ur wet lovely pus$y after u finish mast-urbaiting..?

I love the smell of a woman in heat, into my nose and brain like lightning bolts, I would never allow you to wear panties girl, never. just knowing that your out there and I cant watch you drives me insane. message me?

Hope you have a private place to ********** at work. It could be awkward if someone walked in on you. I think its hot that you play with yourself so often....

Seems its gonna be a long day :(

you a bad girl, or just horny ?

I have been chatting on here while at work, and now I think I have to go take care of it. Too bad we don't work in the same place