Simply The Best

Religious zealots often hawk theirs as "The Perfect" or "Best" religion, claiming all others are inferior. Can math shed some light on this? Let me try....
In topology, not a topic studied by most, there is Morse Function Theory which basically determines the highest point of an embedded or immersed function (identifying "The Best") by mapping points horizontally to a scale of height, highest being "best".
Consider a glass with its circular lip, but perfectly evenly placed so that ALL the points on the lip are "highest". If we TIP the glass, depending on which way it's tipped only one point (religion) will be highest and tipping different ways will make diferent highest point AT THAT TIME, but ultimately when replaced to even status all the various "bests" become equal. I hope that helps to dispel the illusion that only one is the best.
"My dad can beat up your dad". Why bother?
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5 Responses Jul 27, 2010

No argument from me - it's subjective. Ain't topology grand?? BTW I'd rather be known as spiritual than religious!

celtically - :D

This is a fabulous analogy that I hadn't come across before and I know just the place to put this! Thank you for this wonderful piece of writing.

A and SP - thank you for the compliments! "The wise alone appreciate the labors of the wise".

wow, very very good analogy. The pope's a schoolyard bully, lol. jk jk dawg.