Woo. 2+2=4 Etc.

~ Prove that you like Maths, if it is one of your favourite subjects.


It is true that I love concentrating and focusing on problems for significant periods of time.
It is also true that I am good at solving problems and equations.
It is true that I enjoy spending time in and out of school doing math questions.

Therefore, it can be said that it is true that I like Maths.

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2 Responses Aug 18, 2007

Hey there, I never thought that I would see someone that would admit that they liked math on a site like this... don't take offense, I'm a high school math teacher and am glad to hear it!!!!!!! Go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naw, you deserve a compact and tense hug!<br />
But you forgot to prove for the general case :P