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For The Mathematics Enthusiasts.

It is a little language sensitive, but it is why math doesn't suck... but you do. ;)
SmugOrphan SmugOrphan 22-25, F 2 Responses Feb 18, 2012

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You're right. Not everyone has to be a genius in every field to be successful in life. But what burns my tail, besides a 2.5 foot tall flame, is people that claim that they NEVER use mathematics at all in life. It makes my innards weep. :)

Everybody who is not intellectually handicaped counts, measures, pays, charged, estimates. These activities all entail elementary maths. Card games require maths, so does Monopoly. Chess, checkers, and Go all are forms of discrete maths. If you paint your house, or wallpaper a room, you use maths. Planning a dinner for a group requires bits of maths.

I hate to admit, i just looked for a "like" button... shame on you Facebook.

Yes, I was amused by this page. While I personally love mathematics, I do believe that there are limits to how much mathematics an individual needs in her or his life. Just as everyone does not need to be an expert chef, we all do not need to study topology in order to be successful in life. No one's stopping you from studying topology if that's what you want to do, but just because you have taken a course in that subject doesn't mean you will be any more successful in life than someone who stopped studying math after one semester of calculus.