Just A Beginner.

I was almost thinking I didn't want to post into this, just because of all the other posts I had read. I am not too experienced, but I am learning a lot and I really do enjoy it. I entered college about a year ago, having to start at the very bottom, working my way up. I am in what I suppose you could call algebra two. I definitely am looking forward to the more challenging classes in mathematics, and I just hope the rest flows as good for me as it is now. There is something nowadays that just makes me look forward to taking these classes. Haven't quite figured out what it is yet. Maybe makes me feel a little accomplished?
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Nice - keep that good feeling! It's what will carry you into accomplishment.

While nowhere near the level of math you are talking about, check this out. Her doodles in math class vids could get anybody interested in the subject.

It seems that was created for those with attention problems. I don't have a problem paying attention, so it was more annoying to me than anything.

(to be 100% honest with you)

I like math too and am a math minor just like the other person, but i hated the upper level math classes. There wer no numbers, just equations and theory. Avoid that unless your into that kind of stuff. :-)

I love it too. And there are so many levels you can take it to. I wasn't big on theory, but LOVED solving problems in calculus. <br />
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Good luck and stick with it. Being good in math can take you a long ways in many careers.

What classes have you taken in math?

I have a minor in mathematics so I took quite a few math classes. One semester of algebra and trigonometry, four semesters of calculus, two in differential equations, two in statistics, one in engineering mathematics, and probably a couple more I'm forgetting. All of it was applied mathematics, which makes more sense for me as an engineer, but I also didn't like the more theoretical topics in math so I avoided those courses. I didn't much care for statistics, but as an engineer I felt it was important to have some background in that area. What's your major?

Wow! That is quite an impressive list of classes you took. I attend a small college so I am going just for an associates in business. Some day I'd like to make my way into computers though. From programming and graphic design. (Graphic design is my most interest, though.)