Favorite Math Guys

Got your attention? No never mind. I am just rambling here about math. I like math and the application part is my favorite. My wish was to be a high school math teacher. But as it is i am just a statistical specialist for an insurance company. Isaac Newton - Robert Boyle - Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss - Johann Albrecht Euler are a few of my favorite mathematicians.
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Statistics huh? Must be pretty damn smart, I'm finishing my first stats course now

Pretty cool, right?

Yeah, I just took the exam to get college credits, just need to work on my final, it's fun once you start understanding it. Like I'll see an application for it everywhere I go, I can't stop thinking about it. How many stats courses did you take? I'd imagine more than just stats 101 with that kinda job

Follow your dream. I hope you can be a maths teacher someday like myself :)

Why not become a teacher?

Ramanujan and Godel are a couple of my heroes.

have you ever thought about going to school to be a math teacher fulfill that wish ?